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"Great marketing starts with being honest. Be honest about why you are in business, how it works, and what you do. The more honest the better the marketing."


Jason Brinn
Founder and Marketing Director


Our Expert Leadership Team


Jason Brinn

Marketing Director


Keegan Kalk

Sales Director


Kollin Kalk

Content Director


Stephanie Brinn

Operations Director


Kenneth McDonald

Senior Consultant


Ross Greenberg

Project Manager

Why Marketing?

When Jason Brinn was honorably medically discharged from the United States Navy, he wasn’t exactly sure what to do. Naval Intelligence is great in the military, but it doesn’t help on a resume in the civilian world, so Jason started his own business. Jason had to learn how to design his website and marketing without money. Finding the power of marketing and learning how it shared many similarities to his work in the military, Jason fell in love with marketing as a career.

“With marketing, we can truly help businesses grow and thrive; by doing that, we can truly help people, which is more than just doing good work. Helping people is why I joined the military in the first place, and marketing can help me keep that oath and dream alive.”

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